October 27, 2019 | David F. Coppedge

Convergent Evolution: Darwinism, Leftism, and Sorcery

You can tell a lot about a movement by the company it keeps.

Op-Ed by David Coppedge

We’ve reported several times about the virulent leftism of the major scientific journals, reporters and academics (e.g., 24 March 2018, 29 July 2018, 5 Dec 2018). There is hardly a policy President Trump puts forth that scientific leaders do not immediately attack. But it’s not just hatred for one man that drives them: it is hatred for all conservative leaders and positions around the world, whether in Australia, Brazil, or anywhere. The leftist bias of academia goes way back, long before the current Administration (e.g., 10 Dec. 2013). This anti-Trumpism in academia could be dismissed as just a manifestation of the general leftist bias in universities these days, but get this: all these people are also Darwinians. What means this convergence?

Oddly, nearly all of the same people are also pro-abortion. They are so pro-abortion, in fact, they will not tolerate any restrictions, no matter how reasonable. Some even approve of infanticide: letting the baby die after it has been born. New Scientist glowed with pride when Ireland legalized abortion, speaking of women’s rights and convenience. What does that have to do with “new science”? Or consider the exposé of abortion practices. Which scientific establishment or Darwinian scientist has condemned the sale of baby body parts? Can you find one? On the contrary, the Darwinian leftists get up in arms at the hint of any restrictions on using “fetal tissue” for research, and some are actively using embryonic stem cells to grow “organoids” like miniature human brains. All this to benefit “science” of course, quick as they are at virtue signaling. Worries about a slippery slope toward human cloning come too little, too late as communist China forges ahead.

Not all Darwinians are leftists, but the vast majority of leftists are Darwinians. Our Twitter account @crevinfo is routinely hit with hate speech by atheists who trust Darwinian evolution like a god. Looking at their Twitter pages, they are usually violently anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and pro-abortion. Exceptions are so rare they stand out. We have a three strikes rule for ad hominems. Those who attempt to carry on a civil conversation usually only last a few tweets before their hate is exposed, and they flame out in profanities.

So far, this points out a convergence of Darwinism, leftism, and abortion – the culture of death. We have also watched the Darwinian leftists quickly embrace every new politically correct trend, like LGBTQ+ and gender fluidity, which contradict the biological facts of sex and chromosomes. Now, there’s another group under the big tent: sorcerers. This weekend, “Thousands of witches to cast massive spell on Trump and his supporters,” reported WND. Happy Halloween, MAGA people. The article says this has been a ritual since Trump’s inauguration. Perhaps he should feel proud of the enemies he keeps.

Darwinism is a package deal. There’s something about hatred of God that drives people mad. Satan is determined to kill and destroy humans through all means he can, including self-destructive behaviors like drug use, purposelessness and crime. It’s no wonder, then, that his followers also love death. Some of them want to wipe out half of humanity because of climate change or the disaster du jour. Leftists have few qualms about killing the most vulnerable: children in the womb, the mentally ill, and elderly and other vulnerable people who are a drain on society, “useless eaters” as H.G. Wells and other Social Darwinists would call them. Satan got shiploads of skeletons with the tyrannical, Darwin-loving, anti-Christian regimes of Nazism and communism.

If Satan can’t kill, he perverts. The sexual revolution has shortened the lives of countless human beings who repudiated God’s instruction manual to fulfill their passions. These were justified in the name of “science” and encouraged by perverts like Kinsey and Sanger. Leftists also work to shut down speech and prevent evidence against Darwinism from being heard, as I found out at JPL at high personal cost. JPL was oh, so touchy about protecting the sensibilities of homosexuals and transgenders. A creationist, though was beyond the pale. He had to be expelled before any more of those detestable DVDs about intelligent design could be seen.

As we evaluate the case for Darwinism vs Design, or Evolution vs Creation, we need to keep a wider perspective than just scientific arguments, important as they are. We need to see The Long War Against God.* Darwin’s biological model is mistakenly called a “tree of life.” Satan must love how that term mocks the tree God planted in the garden and will restore in the eternal state. Darwin’s tree is a Tree of Death, planted by Satan, the father of lies, watered and fertilized by his minions.

*The book by Henry Morris, Jr with that title is a must-read classic.

Recommended Resource: Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla just released their film No Safe Spaces. We haven’t seen it yet, but from the trailers and reviews, and from interviews with Prager, it appears to corroborate what this editorial is saying about leftism.

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  • Insectman says:

    Am I wasting our time by posting a comment?

  • Gian Carlo B. Gilormini says:

    I’m not surprised at how political leftism can easily converge with militant atheism, satanism and even the radical LGBTQ+ people. John Doyle, a YouTuber, makes videos regularly about the nature of these people, but it all comes down indeed to philosophy, indeed, political philosophy. Leftism has the political philosophy that any speech or information within a society threatens the social order they hold dear, under their eyes, you must be eliminated because if not, you will threaten the social order. Freedom of speech, they take it seriously, make no mistake, precisely because if they allow free speech, it opens the room for people to abandon their philosophical stronghold which leftists argue keep the social order intact. So giving opponents platform, is, to them, as much a threat as invading Nazists. So it’s no wonder they are so despeate to eliminate Christianity and other ideologies that threaten their warped views, it’s all to consolidate power to an elite that benefits more from debauchery than the average man and woman.

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