November 17, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

James Tour Is On a Roll

Saving the planet while demolishing Darwinism,
this Christian chemist is blazing a new trail
of beneficial science for humans, animals, and Earth.


More material has come out on the remarkable career of Dr James Tour since our last report on November 8. Not much needs to be said here; just watch the videos.

I Just Want to Say One Word to You: Graphene (Casey Luskin, Evolution News, 17 Nov 2023). Dr Luskin shares the exciting news that one of James Tour’s companies is on the verge of converting waste carbon to graphene by the ton. Even more interesting, though, is the second embedded video clip showing how the Tour lab is using graphene nanoribbons to reconnect severed neurons, allowing paralyzed mice to regain motility. The technique is quick and simple. He believes the technology will allow paraplegics to walk again. Watch and be amazed.

Turn TRASH into Graphene (Ian Crossland interview with James Tour, YouTube, 13 Nov 2023). If you can afford an hour to spend with mouth agape, watch this interview where Dr Tour explains some of the technologies that he and his students are working on. They seem too good to be true: capturing CO2 in a flash with graphene, upcycling used auto parts with better and stronger ones made from the old material, and much more.

This is all wonderful news; how can any liberal scientist or climate alarmist complain about the advances made at Dr Tour’s lab at Rice University? The fact that he is an bold and witnessing Christian adds to the mystique of what he has already achieved, and the hope for great benefits to humanity from his inventions.

What has a Darwinist done for you lately? As we shared last time, Dr Tour single-handedly took on ten of the leading materialists who specialize in origin-of-life experiments, and not one was able to answer his challenge. For over a century, they have accomplished NOTHING. They have done nothing to benefit their fellow man. They waste tax dollars on projects doomed to failure. They mislead the public with their mythologies. Away with them! May James Tour inspire a whole new generation of young scientists to follow his lead, unashamed of personal faith in Christ, building on the truth of creation, and using science to improve the world.




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