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Op-Ed: Geneticist Asks Americans to Choose Sides

Here is reproduced a call to action by Dr John Sanford, Cornell geneticist and leading creation scientist. Used by permission. Feel free to share the attached PDF.


Sept. 8, 2020
by Dr John Sanford

Dear Friends,

I have been registered as an independent for over a decade, and I have been largely non-political during that time. I do not like partisan politics, and I do not like to argue, and I distrust politicians. But this year I am fully engaged. Why?

Although I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I am quite “conservative”. What I mean by that is that I desire to preserve what is good in our country, so we can move forward from there. I do not want to tear down this country – hoping that we can build a utopia from the ashes.

Since the civil war, our country has never been so polarized. In some respects, today’s polarization is even more extreme that what tore America apart over 150 years ago. So, who changed? It was not me, nor was it conservative Americans. Most conservatives have generally been consistent – moving forward cautiously. Indeed, many have been non-political, passive, and silent.

What changed was the radicalization of just about everybody who was left of center. This radicalization is still rapidly accelerating – becoming more militant, more coercive, more angry, and more hateful. We are now seeing many radicalized Americans affirming violence, lawlessness, revolution, Marxism, and revolutionary transformations orchestrated and coercively implemented by a power elite.

I am convinced that in this next election, a strong shift toward the radical left could truly destroy America.

I am writing this letter to ask all Americans to please examine where we are headed, and to reconsider how you might vote. I am convinced that in this next election, a strong shift toward the radical left could truly destroy America. You might say, “this is just hyperbole”, but please pause to reflect.

History tells us that left-wing radicals have consistently destroyed nations from within – starting with the French Revolution. Disturbingly, some left extremists are now displaying model guillotines (originally devised to behead countless innocent citizens during the French Revolution’s reign of terror). This shows just how radical the left has become. The bloodbath of the French Revolution was followed by the bloodbath of the Russian Revolution and Stalin’s reign of terror, which was followed by the German socialist Nazi party and Hitler’s genocide and reign of terror, which was followed by the Chinese Revolution and Mao’s reign of terror, which was followed by the Cambodia Revolution with Pol Pot’s reign of terror. Other left-wing revolutions that have totally oppressed their people include Cuba, Venezuela, etc. So, might the left-wing extremists destroy America? Absolutely!

This is an urgent warning for all reasonable people to hear. The far left threatens the very foundations of our democracy. It has put on a pretty face, but nonetheless, it is still evil. All these revolutions started with fake news, propaganda, vicious attacks, and promises of earthly utopia. They all ended in bloodshed, chaos, loss of freedom, loss of affluence, profound human suffering, demeaned human dignity, and the absolute rule of the bureaucrats over the people. Three important books have foreseen what is now happening – Brave New World, 1984, and That Hideous Strength. Please read them!

Once again, the radical left promises a humanist utopia. The far-left promises wealth without work, freedom without responsibility, and equality without justice. To promote their “pleasure island fantasy”, they also desire to legalize recreational drugs, promote unrestrained sexual behaviors, celebrate anything-goes gender manipulations, eliminate prisons, and eliminate police. Can America be this gullible? It seems that it might be!

America is far from perfect. However, it is still a beacon of light in a dark world. Arguably, the American nation is still most free, most generous, most compassionate, and most prosperous. Yet the radical left seems to hate America, and they seem to hate roughly half of the American people. The far left is not just mispresenting America and its people, they are deliberating trying to harm or disempower anyone who does not agree with their radical agenda. The extreme left is very effectively using all the media outlets to inflame and incite naïve young people. They are inciting people to use hate speech, intimidation, violence, and persecution – targeting all those who are not in perfect agreement with their latest ideas, or their ideologically-enforced new vocabularies.

Most Americans believe in some type of God. I am one of those people. We believers are not called to be silent – we are called “to speak the truth in love”. However, if the radical left comes to power, we may lose our right to disagree with the government. Indeed, we may actually lose our right to “speak the truth” in any forum.

On every issue, the radical left wants to turn America upside down. We must not be silent.

I humbly urge all Americans to vote this fall. America’s future is truly at stake. Attached is a list of the key issues, for your consideration. On every issue, the radical left wants to turn America upside down. We must not be silent. If you agree with this letter, please forward it to as many people as you can – especially moderates and independents.

Sincerely – John Sanford, PhD.
Cornell University Professor (retired).
President: FMS Foundation, Inc.
co-author: The Sexual Holocaust – a Global Crisis.

Sept. 8, 2020

Choose This Day

Fundamental Differences

Conservativepreserve the good, then progress. Radicalized Lefttear down, start from scratch.
Faith in God (Highest Authority is God) Faith in Humanism (Highest Authority is Man)
Real Truth is binary (Truth/Lies are real) Relative Truth (We all have our own truth)
Family Values (Fortify Families) Family Fluidity (Anything Goes)
Traditional Morality (Common Sense) Inverted Morality (Upside Down – Anything Goes)
Freedom (from Sin) Freedom (to Sin)
Sexual Responsibility Anything Goes Sexuality – No Restraints
Male and Female – God’s Design Gender Spectrum – Now 100 Genders
True Stewards (Dominion Mandate) Radical Greens (Mother Earth first, Man second)
Compassion for Mothers and the Unborn Unrestricted Abortion (even killing babies during or after birth)
Limited Government Maximal Government – Eventual Globalization
Free Enterprise Socialism (Government controls Everything)
Personal Generosity State-controlled Distribution of Wealth
Equal Opportunity Equal Outcome (Government Intervention)
Justice (Good Rewarded/Evil Punished) Pseudo-Justice (All Get Same, as Dictated by Government)
Open Dialog/Freedom of Speech Political Correctness, Coercion, Intolerance, ‘Cancel’
Restrain Drugs, Prostitution, Criminals, Violence Promote Drugs, Prostitution, Criminals, Violence
Mostly Humble People (Working Class) Controlled by Power Elite (and Wanna-be Elitists)

Here is a PDF copy of this letter for you to download and share.

Choosing Sides – Sept 9, 2020 pdf 



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