September 25, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

Science Is Becoming Harder for Scientists

Nature admits that scientific papers are becoming too hard to read, even for scientists.

Science is getting harder to read  (Nature). “From obscure acronyms to unnecessary jargon, research papers are increasingly impenetrable – even for scientists.”

Science is becoming more difficult to understand due to the sheer number of acronyms, long sentences, and impenetrable jargon in academic writing.

Not only does such overcomplicated language alienate non-scientists and the media, it can also make life difficult for junior researchers and those transitioning to new fields.

Adrian Barnett, a statistician at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, describes the amount of new and obscure acronyms used in scientific papers today as “exhausting” – and it’s only getting worse.

Author Dalmeet Singh Chawla is worried that the public may lose touch with science if even experts have trouble figuring out the impenetrable acronyms, equations and Jargonwocky.

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