November 3, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

New Illustrated eBook Shows Design in the Human Body

Color illustrations and fascinating facts make this
educational book of interest to everyone, not just students


Jacque Bernadette has provided a valuable service to home school parents and everyone who inhabits a human body: an eBook filled with information in a lively and colorful format. Jacque (pronounced jackee) is working on a series of electronic books under the title Wonderful World: A Learning Resource Book Exploring Creation. It’s refreshing to see this information presented in a way that glorifies God and Jesus Christ as Creator. Indeed, Romans 1:20 is right on the front cover: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

Volume 1, “Humans” is available now at her site  Additional books are in the works: eBook 2, “Animals,” eBook 3, “Birds & Bugs,” and eBook 4, “Amphibians, Aquatic & Reptiles.” Three more will be coming about food, plant life, geology and astronomy. She is asking only $2.99 for these information-rich and copiously illustrated eBooks. We can recommend them highly.

Good for Every Body

The information will attract grades 4-6 with its lively text and pictures. As a unifying icon, Sophie the Seahorse guides readers through the various systems of the body. Those in middle school (junior high) and even high school can profit from the information provided. Adults, too, can learn amazing information not readily available in stuffy textbooks.

The book includes a detailed glossary, bibliography and index. This will help direct students to further sources of information.





Jacque’s “Fascinating Facts” will appeal to everyone with their “wow” factor.

Interested readers can look at illustrations at the Samples Page on

Jacque also sells prints of her artwork at the site.




A Big Endorsement

The Foreword was written by Dr Henry Richter, the JPL rocket scientist who contributes articles to Creation-Evolution Headlines. He considers these Books valuable adjunct resources to his own book, Spacecraft Earth: A Guide for Passengers (now in a second printing with updates). He says,

Each book covers a different class of earth’s inhabitants, starting with Book 1 with the most wonderful machine, the human body. It then moves down the complexity of organisms, discussing and illustrating each with superb artistic illustrations….

So this book gives a marvelous overview of planet Earth and its inhabitants. All seven books have many examples of the marvels that exist on our Earth…. My hat’s off to Jacque for putting it all together such as she has.


Purchasing These Books Is a Ministry

Jacque plans to use proceeds from the sales of the eBooks to give free printed copies to schools, hospitals, jails, prisons, and shelters. We encourage our readers, therefore, to realize that their partnership in buying the eBooks can have a multiplication factor, reaching many others with truths about creation that can transform their thinking. Feel free to share the link with your contacts.

We often mourn the evolutionary dogma that pervades our school systems. It only takes one candle, though to overcome darkness. Let’s help Jacque’s light shine before men and women, and boys and girls that they may see her good work and glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).


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