February 15, 2023 | David F. Coppedge

Lies Evolve about Life Origins

Evolutionists won’t quit confabulating to the public.
They should know better, but their lies keep coming.


Many liberals and socialists stir up the public about “misinformation” on the internet. It must be stopped! they plead. Left-leaning scientists join in the ruckus, writing pseudo-scientific articles about how to apply “critical thinking” to online media and “nudge” people to believe what Big Science says. Well, how about their own misinformation?

There is no worse misinformation than the doctrine that life just “happens” by chance. That internet meme is global in size, blatant in its pseudoscience, and incessant in spite of centuries of rebuke by knowledgeable chemists.

We shared last month (16 Jan 2023) how origin-of-life (OOL) research is like a giant Ponzi scheme. Dr James Tour, a tenured structural chemist at Rice University with numerous patents and publications, is on the warpath against misinformation concerning OOL claims—not on the warpath literally, but taking on the liars with gentlemanly gusto and persistence on YouTube, where Big Science cannot censor him. When high-level critics attack him, he attacks back with facts from his extensive lifetime knowledge about what unaided chemistry can and cannot do. In his cordial but factual manner, he is not letting the liars get away with it—and viewers are flocking to watch him.

Update 16 Feb 2023: Dr James Tour’s team at Rice University has just published their paper on the Flash Joule technique (Wyss et al., Advanced Materials) that promises to convert plastic waste into useful materials (see our coverage from 31 May 2022). The press release from Rice U. (16 Feb) tells about the potential benefits of this technique invented by Dr Tour that not only offers an environmentally friendly solution to a growing problem, but promises profits to industries who use it. A lesson: Tour is using his knowledge of chemistry for global good.

Unrepentant Sinners

But the liars in the OOL industry are unrepentant. Their strategy is to pretend there are no critics like Dr Tour to contend with. They think the public will just believe whatever they say. Titillating readers with the power of suggestion, they spread misinformation like manure in the desert, trusting it will sprout more thorns of materialist religion. Look at some of the latest episodes in the mendacious saga of the Origin of Lie (typo intended):

Trac­ing the ori­gin of life (University of Innsbruck, 10 Feb 2023). The thinking of these OOL researchers is laughably simplistic. They got two or three of the simplest amino acids (glycine) to link up with an input of energy they think could happen in outer space. Conclusions: humans could not be far behind! This is like finding three pieces of magnetite on the ground that link up in an earthquake, and claiming that a James Webb Space Telescope is beginning to form. The chutzpah of these liars is breathtaking:

A team of researchers led by Michel Farizon from the University of Lyon and Tilmann Märk has now made a significant discovery in the field of abiotic peptide chain formation from amino acids for the smallest occurring amino acid, glycine, a molecule that has been observed several times extraterrestrially in recent years. A study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A, which also made the cover of the journal, shows that small clusters of glycine molecules exhibit polymerization upon energy input. A reaction occurs within a cluster consisting of two glycine molecules. The two amino acids become a dipeptide and a water molecule. The reaction of a dipeptide to a tripeptide within a cluster was also demonstrated by the researchers….

The recent paper provides evidence that the first step toward the origin of life can occur in the highly unlikely conditions of space. “The study is an important milestone on the route to understanding the origins of life. The results will serve as a basis for further research in this field,” Michel Farizon and Tilmann Märk are convinced.

Did you notice the headline for this fantastically absurd claim? “Tracing the origin of life.” Sorry to be blunt, but that is a whopper bigger than anything P.T. Barnum ever could have imagined.

New models shed light on life’s origin (University of Rochester, 9 Feb 2023). The perhapsimaybecouldness index skyrockets in this press release that essentially says, ‘We are ignorant but getting warmer, we think; we have no thermometer to prove it but are excited.’

But what was Earth like billions of years ago, and what characteristics may have helped life to form? In a paper published in Science, Trail and Thomas McCollom, a research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder, reveal key information in the quest to find out. The research has important implications not only for discovering the origins of life but also in the search for life on other planets.

We are now at an exciting time in which humankind is searching for life on other planets and moons, as well as in other planetary systems,” Trail says. “But we still do not know how—or even when, really—life started on our own planet. Research like ours helps identify specific conditions and chemical pathways that could have supported the emergence of life, work which is certain to factor prominently into the search for life outside of our planet.”

The early founders of science would be aghast at such audacity. Where is your evidence? ‘We have none, but we fantasize about possibilities in the imaginations of our own minds.’ Using Tontological trickery, they deceive the public, saying, “The research reveals clues about the physical and chemical characteristics of Earth when life is thought to have emerged.” Thought by whom? Not by sensible people who understand chemistry and logic.

To the liars, the goal is the search: the endless quest for unicorns, fairies and snipe. Just wait: some day, over the rainbow, life will “emerge” in futureware.

Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals (University College London, 27 Jan 2023). Earth didn’t come with zinc, claim these chemical evolutionists. As a volatile element, it would have evaporated away in the hellish days of early earth. Where to get it? Well, how about that: asteroids brought it as a gift. Good thing, because life could never have “emerged” without zinc.

Senior author Professor Mark Rehkamper, of Imperial College London’s Department of Earth Science and Engineering, said: “Our data show that about half of Earth’s zinc inventory was delivered by material from the outer Solar System, beyond the orbit of Jupiter. Based on current models of early Solar System development, this was completely unexpected.” 

One way to get noticed in materialistic science is to replace one lie with a bigger, better lie and look surprised. Now these UCL oolers had to imagine material in the solar system’s deep outback ferrying cargo to that pale blue dot of the inner solar system, our earth.

Professor Rehkamper added: “This contribution of outer Solar System material played a vital role in establishing the Earth’s inventory of volatile chemicals. It looks as though without the contribution of outer Solar System material, the Earth would have a much lower amount of volatiles than we know it today – making it drier and potentially unable to nourish and sustain life.”

Like the previous claim, this one was published by the AAAS premiere journal Science, implicating them as accomplices in the dissemination of public misinformation.

The Discovery Institute is admirably magnanimous:

The OOL researchers don’t believe they are cheating or stealing. They’re not dishonest, or stupid. But they are fooling themselves — smart people are really good at that — which makes studying their publications largely a waste of time.

Mazur interviews all the leading lights in the materialist origin-of-life field.

Sorry to be blunt, but lies deserve to be shamed. The video they promote calls them cheaters, which is equally blunt:

The truth is whenever you see a paper or a popular article about the origin of life you can pretty well bet that they’re cheating in a number of different ways and that the headlines bear no relationship to reality. Importantly, these aren’t problems merely because we don’t yet know how these various processes work. The very concept of the self-replicating molecule that “chemically evolves” into life contradicts many very well-understood laws and processes of chemistry.

The materialists, clearly, know better. They’ve played this game for a long time—way too long. Ever since Darwin’s “warm little pond” and Oparin’s coacervates and Miller’s spark discharges to the present, they have no success. They ignore numerous books for decades that have refuted their silly myths. The only thing that keeps them going is their love of Darwin and their hatred of creationism.

Would you like to have permanent immunity from the Origin of Lie? We have just the medicine.

Watch the video series Long Story Short: Origin of Life (5 episodes) from the Discovery Institute. They’re corny in terms of graphics and sound effects, but they make strong points, and were reviewed by five PhDs. Episode 5 (new this month) was just released and discusses the issue of replication. Watch how OOL liars cheat and steal. All the reference documentation is available for these videos.

Then watch Dr James Tour deftly dismantle the claims of his critics. If you have hours to spare, Dr Tour gives hours of refutation of origin-of-life claims. He knows his science and is fearless in his presentations and answers to his critics like Dave Farina, who dared step into the den with this lion. Yet Dr Tour avoids ad hominems and challenges the critics to “show the science” like he does. The more that people watch his work, the more the materialists will start quaking in their boots. Good. It’s a step toward repentance.

Re-watch Illustra’s short film First Life and also the full-length documentary Origin.

Read our online copy of the book by Dr James Coppedge, Evolution: Possible or Impossible? It’s from 1973 but the science pertaining to the probability of life’s origin by chance is still sound.

Get informed. Get equipped. It’s time to fight back against the liars and make them run for cover. Get them out of our schools and universities. They have misled generations of people to think that stuff happens and life emerges. Let people know this is not science, but atheistic, materialistic philosophy masquerading as science. Expose them! Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and OOL fables are as toxic as the tars produced in their spark-discharge tubes and the fumes coming out of their flasks of poison. Shame these witch doctors until they confess and repent.



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