Evolution Is Slow, Except When It Is Super-Fast

Evolutionary biologists seem comfortable with rates of evolution that vary by eight orders of magnitude or more.  While some animals found at the alleged dawn of multicellular life at the beginning of the Cambrian have changed little in 500 million years, other organisms seem to evolve right before our eyes.  Sara Goudarzi on LiveScience described […]

Darwin’s Yard De-Evolves

According to the BBC News biodiversity in Darwin’s yard at Down House in England has declined 15% since he fastidiously catalogued plant species there in 1855. This story signifies nothing significant.  Biodiversity naturally declines in some grasslands as forests encroach and a climax community develops.  Evolutionists would not expect noteworthy genetic change in just 150 […]

Likely, Evolution May Be a Fact, Presumably

When reading evolutionary science papers, one gets the feeling there are more than the usual number of words indicating conjecture, doubt and uncertainty.  We decided to check this out in the July 11 issue of Current Biology.  Scans for the words perhaps, probably, might, possibly, likely, may, apparently, seem and presumably and their derivatives were […]

Plate Tectonics: Are Modern Geologists Treading on Solid Ground?

Plate tectonics is the reigning theory of earth’s dynamic crust.  Laymen may not realize that acceptance of plate tectonic theory came quite suddenly in the 1960s.  It was like a revolution.  For decades, the consensus of geological scientists was adamantly against the notion of shifting plates moving horizontally in various directions.  Those who taught such […]

Nature Gives Top Blog Honors to Radical Atheists

P. Z. Myers (U of Minnesota) has been one of the most foul-mouthed critics of creation, intelligent design and religion in general.  He has said that Abraham was worse than Hitler (see Evolution News).  He has ridiculed the crucifixion of Christ (see Evolution News).  His opinion on how to treat anti-evolutionists: “I say, screw the […]

Rockfish Prefer Oil-Rig Real Estate

Environmentalists may complain about offshore oil platforms, but the rockfish in the Santa Barbara channel aren’t paying attention.  According to a study announced by UC Santa Barbara, rockfish are finding better living through human chemistry.  The platforms provide security and prime nursing habitat, such that their numbers, once dangerously low, are now resurging.  The artificial […]

Cactus Evolution Explained

Phew, finally: now we know how cacti evolved, reports EurekAlert.  Ouch!  On second thought, how’s that again?     Two Yale scientists set out to figure out how the succulent plants turned leaves into spines.  Using molecular methods, they identified the earliest cactus, but then said it “already showed water use patterns that are similar […]

Mt. St. Helens Performs Fast Rock

Before reading the caption, look at the picture of this football-field size mountain of rock at Astronomy Picture of the Day and guess how old it is.  The answer: about five months.  The smooth rock slab with its cornice tip has grown as much as a meter a day.  The caption contains links to more […]

Plant Species Divisions Are As Distinct As Those of Animals

Plants were thought to speciate differently than animals.  Evolutionary taxonomists presumed that their species barriers were more fuzzy, with hybridization, polyploidy and other mechanisms blurring the lines between species.  Not so, claim three scientists from Indiana University writing in Nature.1  These perceptions may just be artifacts of the plants selected for study: Many botanists doubt […]

Non-Coding DNA: Whatcha Calling Junk?

The focus on genes continues to blur, as more geneticists look outside the box.  Some 98% of DNA in the nucleus of human cells does not code for genes.  Long dismissed as genetic junk, much of it may turn out to be the hands on the controls.     A press release from Johns Hopkins […]

Darwinists Take a Snubbing

Darwinism got beat up in the polls again.  World Net Daily reported on a new Zogby poll that showed that “69 percent of Americans believe public school teachers should present both the evidence for and against Darwinian evolution.”  Evolution News had comments about the poll; secular news media seemed to pay no attention.     […]

Little Colorado Grand Falls Much Younger Than Thought

The Little Colorado River makes a dramatic drop over a lava cliff in Arizona after going around a lava flow.  Previous estimates dated the lava at the falls at 150,000 years old (150ka).  Now, a team of geologists publishing in GSA Bulletin1 used multiple methods that dated it at no more than 19,600 years old […]

Evolution: A Theory in Splices

One of the reasons Darwinism has such staying power may be because it is so flexible.  Any speculation can be spliced in or out, as long as the belief that “evolution is a fact” is not jeopardized.  Here are some recent examples of claims made by certain scientists that everything you know about evolution is […]

Undersea Lost World Found in Caribbean

No sooner had news spread about a treasure trove of animals in the jungles of Papua (see 02/07/2006 story) than scientists announced another in Neptune’s realm.  The BBC News and MSNBC reported that “An underwater mountain with some of the richest diversity of marine life in the Caribbean has been found by scientists.”     […]

Evolutionary Theory: Verified or Vilified?

Jeffrey Schwartz has reason to be happy that his particular theory of evolution received some support recently, according to a press release from University of Pittsburgh.  But look at the pedestal he is standing on: the ruins of classical Darwinism and neo-Darwinism.  In supporting his own theory, he kicked out the props from under standard […]
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