Evo-Giants Battle Over Evo-Love

Richard Dawkins and E. O. Wilson, both atheistic evolutionists, are at odds over the evolution of unselfish love (altruism).  Wilson attributes it to a revised form of group selection; Dawkins to individual selection (the basis of his “selfish gene” theory).     Evolutionists see no difference between the “eusociality” in insect colonies, in which individuals […]

New Planet, or Dusty Brown Dwarf?

A planet has been found associated with a dusty disk, reported National Geographic News and  This is “one of the most exciting discoveries in the study of extrasolar planets,” a Max Planck Institute researcher said, because they “have directly proven” that planets form from dust disks.  Moreover, they must form rapidly, because the planet […]

Godless: Is Psychiatry Science or Religion?

“Ever since Freud described religious faith as an illusion and a neurosis there has been tension and at times hostility between religion and psychiatry,” reported EurekAlert.  “Psychiatrists are less religious on average than other physicians, according to previously published data from the same survey, and non-psychiatrist physicians who are religious are less willing to refer […]

Who Knows the Age of Grand Canyon?

“In spite of over a century of work on the Grand Canyon, there are still fundamental questions about the age of the canyon and the processes that have formed it.”  Thus begins a paper in the November GSA Bulletin of the Geological Society of America.1  To re-evaluate the date of Grand Canyon, a team dated […]

Mt. St. Helens Rebuilding Fast

Could Mt. St. Helens grow back to its pre-1980 size in just 180 years?  That’s what an article in the Tacoma, Washington News Tribune says.  The lava dome is growing fast, and so is a glacier inside the crater.  It is growing 3 feet per day.  The lava dome split the glacier because it was […]

Evolution: Onward and Downward

A story in New Scientist explores a growing realization about evolutionary trees: over time, things have gotten simpler, not more complex.  Better cut down the tree in your textbook and start over. If you want to know how all living things are related, don’t bother looking in any textbook that’s more than a few years […]

Amphioxus Is Green, Like Coral

Evolutionists may want to combine their song “It’s a long way from Amphioxus” (02/23/2006) with “It isn’t easy being green.”  Green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been found in the lungfish Amphioxus, according to a press release from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Why is this not easy?  Because it’s a long way: “The researchers say amphioxus’ […]

Interpreting Secular Reports About Biblical Events

Can secular science provide a bias-free interpretation of evidence for Biblical events?  Consider the case of Robert Ballard’s Black-Sea Flood theory for Noah’s Flood.  This was popular a few years ago (04/21/2001), but has come under fire by other researchers (04/26/2002).  Today an Israeli research team claimed their research vessel found evidence to support the […]

Ararat Anomaly to Be Imaged in Hi-Res

The “Ararat anomaly,” an unusual structure at the 15,300′ level of Mt. Ararat in Turkey, is getting increased scrutiny with high-resolution satellite imaging.  Leonard David reported on Live Science that Porcher Taylor of Satellite Imaging Corporation has created a 3-D flyover movie of the site from Ikonos satellite data, and that Geo-Eye I, to be […]

Science Confronts Philosophy, or Vice Versa

Practicing scientists often disdain philosophy.  To them, it seems like mumbo-jumbo with convoluted arguments telling them why they don’t exist or why two-ness cannot be represented on a chalkboard.  To a scientist dealing with real lab rats or chemicals off the shelf, such ramblings seem detached and worthless.  Who would know more what science is […]

Archaeology: Babylonian Clay Tablet Mentions Biblical Name

Jeremiah mentioned Nebo-Sarsekim and Nebuchadnezzar, and so did Babylonian scribes.  The Times Online reported today, “The British Museum yesterday hailed a discovery within a modest clay tablet in its collection as a breakthrough for biblical archaeology – dramatic proof of the accuracy of the Old Testament.”  An article in the Telegraph calls it “a fantastic […]

Could Continents Be Flooded?

Picture the tips of the Rocky Mountains sticking out of water.  That’s what would happen if North America did not have enough heat at depth to cause the continent to float on the mantle, reported Science Daily. A University of Utah study shows how various regions of North America are kept afloat by heat within […]

Keeping the Media Safe for Darwin

The world’s mainstream science journals often discuss Darwinian ideas.  From these fountainheads, science reporters and popularizers collect and distribute their libations.  Considering that a large population of the public maintains serious doubts that Darwinism is true, it is instructive to see how issues of origins are stated, and what parts are left unstated.  Here are […]

Co-Evolution Theory Challenged

A classic case of co-evolution has been called into question.  EurekAlert reported that a “paradigm change” is needed regarding plant-eating beetles and their angiosperm hosts.  Dr. Jes�s G�mez-Zurita and collaborators in the Natural History Museum in London have challenged the view that the two groups co-evolved, diversifying rapidly in response to one another.  Neither the […]

King David’s Walled City Surfaces

A wall 21 feet thick from the First Temple period has been excavated in Jerusalem’s old City of David.  The Jerusalem Post reported on Eilat Mazar’s latest discovery: “A wall from the First Temple was recently uncovered in Jerusalem’s City of David, strengthening the claim that it is the site of the palace of King […]
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