• Bill Huninghake says:

    I have often asked those that tell me they believe in evolution to answer some very simple question(s) ::

    1) How old was the rooster before a hen evolved? We know rooster don’t live for millions and billions of years so how old was he?

    2) Just how did the rooster know where to wait while he was waiting for a hen to evolve? How did he protect himself during this waiting period? A tasty chicken (rooster) walking along the seashore sure seems like a morsel not to be passed up.

    Now I realize these questions probably seem to simple for those that believe in the man made religion (myth) called evolution but so far to date no one has been able to provide a reasonable answer, so perhaps you could help !!!

  • Feitsma says:

    Youre comments are brilliant. I check this site almost every day.

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