July 8, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

Cosmology Still in the Dark

With so many huge gaps in materialist cosmology, a revolution may be brewing, as seen in the kinds of questions being asked.

Early Maturity: Rapid Formation of Complex Structures Too Soon After the Big Bang

Discovered: fast-growing galaxies from early universe (Carnegie Science): The conundrum of early maturity in the universe continues with this announcement of “a mysterious population of surprisingly massive galaxies” which, “although extremely old—formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang” yet “creates stars more than a hundred times faster than our own Milky Way.” Astronomers even believe they observed two galaxies in the act of merging, meaning they must have already formed prior to the merger.

Milky Way-like Galaxies in Early Universe Embedded in ‘Super Halos’ (National Radio Astronomy Observatory): Like Carnegie, NRAO adds to the early-maturity conundrum, saying that “astronomers have directly observed a pair of Milky Way-like galaxies seen when the universe was only eight percent of its current age.” They also detected large halos of hydrogen gas extending far out beyond the galaxies.

The new … data show that these young galaxies are already rotating, which is one of the hallmarks of the massive spiral galaxies we see in the universe today. The ALMA [radio telescope array] observations further reveal that both galaxies are forming stars at moderately high rates: more than 100 solar masses per year in one galaxy and about 25 solar masses per year in the other.

Strongly baryon-dominated disk galaxies at the peak of galaxy formation ten billion years ago (Nature): This is a technical article about evidence for more rapid formation of galaxies in the early universe. Skeptics may notice that the interpretation assumes “cold dark matter cosmology.”

Dark Matter: Evidence of Anisotropy in the Unknown

Does dark matter annihilate quicker in the Milky Way? (Science Daily): We’re supposed to be living in a ‘typical’ galaxy, but this article says “dark matter may be annihilating much more rapidly in the Milky Way, than in smaller or larger galaxies and the early Universe.” But how can anyone make claims about “a non-luminous and exotic form of matter that we know little about”? And how does mysterious unknown stuff get annihilated? If researchers making these claims are right, “their theory would explain why the Milky Way appears to be special.” Interesting admission: the Milky Way appears to be special.

Dark Energy: Do Cosmologists Even Need It?

New approach to dark energy might explain our cooling universe (New Scientist): Here’s more indication that cosmologists are clueless about the “mysterious unknown stuff” they said they need to keep their models working against anomalous observations. Anil Ananthaswamy personifies particles when he says, “We thought dark energy was behind the accelerated expansion of the universe to its cold, dark end state, but it might be a supporting actor in a quantum plot.” Further reading shows that cosmologists don’t know which way is up, down, forward or backward when trying to link cosmology to thermodynamics. They appear determined to escape the fine-tuning of the universe and what that implies.

Can we ditch dark energy by better understanding general relativity? (The Conversation): Admitting that “Dark energy and dark matter are theoretical inventions that explain observations we cannot otherwise understand,” David Wiltshire and Alan Coley wonder if we even need them. “A renewed suggestion that dark energy may not be real — dispensing with 70% of the stuff in the universe — has reignited a longstanding debate.” Their article includes historical background on the inventions of dark matter and energy, and what the “standard model” of cosmology is (and why it is set for a scientific revolution).

Need for New Physics?

Physicists bring together detector and accelerator to explore ‘new physics’ beyond the Standard Model (Phys.org): Conditions in cosmology are so bad, some are seriously thinking of overturning the hard science of physics for new theories. What’s called the ‘Standard Model’ today is unlikely to be called standard much longer. But can a particle accelerator in Japan substitute for rational philosophy?

Escape from Reality

If We Live in a Multiverse, Where Are These Worlds Hiding? (Live Science): Mindy Weisberger, still entranced by Future Con, leaps from irrationality to self-refutation by seriously considering that she lives in the Matrix.

Is life more likely than black holes to be an adaptation for universe replication? (Phys.org): Sarah Cox is so drunk on Darwine, she thinks the multiverse created our universe by natural selection. This is Darwinian thinking completely out of control. Blame Dr. Michael Price who gave her the idea of “cosmic natural selection” (CNS), the biggest extrapolation of Darwin’s Biological Natural Selection (BNS) ever proposed. CNS selected humans instead of black holes, he argues:

“I also suggest that more generally, CNS may be the ultimate primary cause of cosmological order, just as BNS is the ultimate primary cause of biological order. In other words, BNS and CNS may together be ultimately responsible for much of the order that we observe in the universe. Without this order there would be no entropy because nothing would decay to a less-ordered state and therefore no arrow of time.

“In sum, the process of selection may be far more fundamental to explaining the nature of our universe than is generally supposed.

We may need a new award, Stupid Evolution Quote of the Billion Years. Darwin has not only given us the Stuff Happens Law; he bequeathed the Cosmic Stuff Happens Law to his loyal, inebriated followers.

OK, OK. Please come back to reality. There. Whew! That was a bad dream.

These guys were crazy a decade ago. No, two decades ago; five decades ago. Now they are so wrong, they’re not even wrong. We need a new word to describe how off their rockers these secular materialists are. Bob Berman remarked 13 years ago,

Unfortunately, cosmologists are starting to resemble naked emperors parading before the mass media.  Hey, we love you, but you have no clue about the universe’s true origin or fate, and little knowledge of its composition.  Yet each pronouncement is delivered with pomp and flair.  Maybe you need a serious “time out.”

Time out is too lenient now. Anybody want to trust these people? Hugh Ross followers, what about you? You think these guys are more trustworthy than the Bible, so that we have to adjust the straightforward words of God to fit their ideas? We rest our case.

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    It has been an amazing day. Before I read this article, I’d been downloading from SciDa (Science Daily) and other web-sites, and found many of the same articles covered here. As always, Brother Coppedge is early on the scene of evo catastrophe, and gets the early edition out. What I’m amazed at is the QUANTITY of articles covering these subjects. In just a few weeks, I’d say they’ve TRIPLED in output. Thanks for the amazing sum-up, and new directions for study.

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