October 20, 2018 | David F. Coppedge

New Illustra DVD Released: “Call of the Cosmos”

Illustra’s newest DVD showcases Psalm 19 in multiple ways.

A new feature-length DVD has just been released by Illustra Media, producers of The Privileged Planet. Here is the trailer for “The Call of the Cosmos” —

Psalm 19:1 famously says, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” The tools of modern astronomy enable us to see that glory as never before. As usual, Illustra brings ancient truths to glorious modern life through fantastic images, narration and interviews, and expansive music. The DVD includes seven episodes woven together that answer questions and explore mysteries about the universe and man’s place in it:

  • How big is the universe?
  • Are there really more stars than grains of sand?
  • How could God care about humans on such a “pale blue dot” in a vast universe?
  • Hear what a famous agnostic, author of God and the Astronomers, admitted about his agnosticism.
  • Learn about beautiful auroras and how they connect to the earth’s habitability.
  • Watch how a total solar eclipse unlocked secrets of the universe.
  • What did astronauts say on the first trip to the moon?
  • Be inspired by a collection of the finest space images, Scriptures and music.

Those familiar with the short classic “Powers of Ten” will enjoy the opening presentation of a journey to the limits of the universe, with probably the most accurate portrayal of the large-scale structure of galaxy clusters and superclusters ever made. Each episode flows into the next seamlessly, allowing viewing by chapters separately or as one hour-long visual adventure.

Quicksleeve cover. Obtain bulk copies on sale.

DVD’s are declining in popularity, but not as fast as expected. There is still a significant demographic that enjoys having hard copy. There are two formats for obtaining this film in DVD format: (1) in a standard clamshell case, you can have it as part of your video library. (2) In quicksleeve format, you can obtain small copies in bulk for ministry handouts. For a short time, there is a sale on The Call of the Cosmos where you can buy 50 for $75.* Consider buying bulk copies to use as Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers or handouts to unbelievers. You can also share this trailer with people on social media by embedding the link at the end.

December 24 will be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 crews’ reading of Genesis 1 from the moon. This is a perfect time to enjoy and share The Call of the Cosmos with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

*If you subscribe to RPI’s Newsletter and to Illustra Media’s John 10:10 Project, you will get notifications of when the sale prices are available. As of this writing, you can order at the sale price now at Go2RPI.com.


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