February 20, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Far Left Controls Big Science, Big Media

Observers of the creation-evolution issue need to realize how far left the Darwinists are about everything else.

Academia and the Big Science media have sold their souls to Darwinism. They are utterly incapable of saying anything to cast doubt on the ability of godless, aimless natural processes to account for everything alive. That was evident yesterday with the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars; no reporter anywhere in the media doubted the ability of water and rock to produce Martian organisms billions of years ago. They all dutifully echoed the NASA talking point that Mars “could” have evidence of past life.

The same worldview locks arms with far left politics, because the primary Darwin doubters (whom they hate) tend to be friendly to theism, so that makes Darwinians gravitate toward atheism. It shouldn’t be surprising that Darwinists are buddies with leftists, because most secular universities (and quite a few “Christian” schools) have faculties composed of nearly 100% Democrats, who hate Donald Trump but just lu-u-uv Joe Biden and all the leftist policies he stands for. The few conservatives or Christians on campus know full well to keep their mouths shut lest they be canceled or fired.

Observers of the creation-evolution issue need to realize that the majority of evolutionists are leftists in politics as well as in science. In fact, the same Darwin-loving outlets for Big Science and Big Media act these days as apologists for leftism, painting a pseudo-scientific whitewash on leftist policies. CEH watches for indications to the contrary, but cannot find them. Here are some recent examples.

Unworthy Heroes

Live Science published a friendly biography of Malcolm X, a radical pro-violence civil rights figure from the 1960s. Why not a story about notable black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson? The article ends, “his contribution to the civil rights movement is broadly acknowledged and in many states May 21, his birthday, is observed as Malcolm X Day.” Of all people to honor on a “science news” site, this choice is unbelievable; it only serves to further exacerbate the racial tensions in America rather than to heal them.

Blame Game

Medical Xpress proclaims, “Reparations for slavery could have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths in US, study [prepare to be hoodwinked] says.” No American has owned slaves or contributed to slavery since 1865; indeed, slavery is now universally condemned. Only the radical left is pushing the redistribution of wealth that reparations would entail, punishing people who are not in any way responsible for slavery by taking their money and giving it to living blacks who were not in any way harmed by slavery. How could Harvard Medical School possibly prove that reparations could have reduced COVID-19 infections? It cannot. The pandemic here is being used as a pretext to push this leftist policy agenda, and ‘Medical Xpress’ (a health and science website) plays right along.

Anti-Populism, Anti-Common Sense

Another completely off-topic leftist knee-jerk headline at Medical Xpress announces, “It’s morally wrong for rich nations to hoard COVID-19 vaccine.” So this ‘science’ site is into morality now? The headline appears to be a direct swipe at the “America first” policies of Donald Trump, who is indirectly misrepresented as a selfish hoarder. Trump made it clear that the vaccines that he rushed to unprecedented rapid completion with his Operation Warp Speed were a gift to the whole world, but that he had a first responsibility as president of the United States to help American citizens. Leftists have not complained about vaccines being given to illegal border crossers and radical Islamic terrorists at Guantanamo Bay – practices most Americans would consider morally wrong when the country’s own elderly and vulnerable were dying in record numbers. Such a headline has no place on a ‘science’ site.


Perhaps no moral issue separates leftists and conservatives more than abortion. Look at this headline on Medical Xpress: “Banning safe home-use abortion pills will leave more women in crisis.” That is a lie that the abortion pills are safe. Where is any concern for the death of the unborn baby? There is none! This article exhibits the either-or fallacy that either we must kill babies or their mothers will be in crisis. Why not instead seek solutions for mothers that do not involve subjecting them to the mental and physical crises that taking those pills often result in? This is not journalism; it is pro-abortion advocacy masquerading as science.

Victim Groups

Phys.org, the sibling of Medical Xpress, is just as far left. “Racism and anti-gay discrimination heighten risk for arrest and incarceration,” one article reads. Conservatives want people to be evaluated by the content of their character. Leftists, who are obsessed with race and gender, love to separate people into victim groups so that like the Marxists they are they can foment revolution.


An alarming headline on Medical Xpress reads, “Should we criminalize those who spread misinformation about vaccines?” Nobody should be in favor of spreading misinformation; let’s all be clear on that. But a characteristic of the left is to cancel, shut up and punish those who disagree with them. And who defines “misinformation” in the first place? There are legitimate questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines that should be debated openly. (Note: CEH is in favor of vaccines.) The only reason that the ‘experts’ debating whether those questioning vaccines should be criminalized is that it might backfire and make them more bold; otherwise, the experts are in favor of canceling and silencing free speech on social media on this issue. It’s odd that none of these people who want more government censorship are in favor of criminalizing those who spread misinformation about Darwinism and its supposed ability to build brains from bacteria by chance.


A post on Phys.org treats globalism as an unassailable virtue, and those who oppose it as obstacles needing to be removed.

Globalization, digitalization, sustainabilization—three major waves of transformation are unfolding around the world. The social upheaval caused by these transformation processes has given rise to populist movements that endanger social harmony and threaten democratic values. What rules and institutions can promote stability in the face of such systemic risks?

The ‘experts’ discussing these questions in the article uphold the United Nations as a model for unification, ignoring the fact that the UN’s Council on Human Rights includes some of the worst human rights violators on earth. The article speaks of ‘complexity science’ as a solution, putting a veneer of scientific authority over this polemic for the elimination of populism and the promotion of globalism.

Climate Change

Here’s a baldly partisan piece from the “Reality Check Team” at the BBC News trying to address the current crisis in Texas: “Are frozen wind turbines to blame for power cuts?” Over the last week, around 70 Texans have died (Epoch Times) from freezing cold temperatures that led to power outages. Half the windmills, which supply 20% of power in the Lone Star State, froze solid, and solar panels were unable to produce sufficient power. Conservative commentators have been pointing out this deadly failure resulted from years of leftist-promoted green-energy policies. To leftists, though, it cannot be that the windmills are to blame, because windmills are one of their key technologies for stopping global warming (ask a Texan about that). Instead, like lawyers for a murderer whose crime is clear on video, the apologists for green energy blame fossil fuels for the power outages! It’s fine to have a point of view about the issue, but the BBC made no effort to interview conservatives like Texas governor Greg Abbott, who certainly would have some knowledge about the subject. Instead, the BBC makes its argument and then attacks what it labels ‘misinformation’ being spread on social media.

Nice Communism

This head-shaker from Nature is a piece of work. “Marauding plants steer clear of a communist-ruled island.” What country could be less desirable than Cuba, where a communist dictatorship has left families destitute, and has driven many to risk everything trying to escape? Nature finds something they like in this madness: “Cuba’s economic and political isolation might also have limited the spread of invasive plants.” Incredible.


We’ve reported on leftist fascination with ‘nudging’ before (see “How to Nudge an Elitist” in the 11 June 2017 entry). A nudgie is like a wedgie for the mind, where self-appointed experts manipulate people to do what the elitists think is good for them. New Scientist continues the trend, saying, “Some online food shoppers make healthier choices if they are ‘nudged’.” Go and nudge them back to teach them a lesson about equality.

Erasing Credit

The swamp infests the federal government, as many conservatives have noted. In the GAO Report about Operation Warp Speed, there is not one mention of Donald Trump, whose leadership instigated Operation Warp Speed. The report talks about the successes of the mission, without giving one ounce of credit to the President who set it into motion.

Alternative Media

Given the universal leftism in secular science and media, people might not know what is going on if not for conservative sources that have not yet been canceled. They have to report outside of the ‘big’ channels because the big channels despise them. They stand daily at risk of cancel culture; for instance, Project Veritas, which does investigative reporting on Big Tech, was recently banned permanently from Twitter, and LifeSite News was ousted from YouTube. Here are a few examples of rebels against the Left that are struggling to be heard:

  • Gab CEO calls for ‘silent secession’ from Big Tech: They’re ‘serving Satan’ (LifeSite News, which was recently banned from Twitter and YouTube)
  • University blocks research of transgenders who regret switching sex (WND). No research will be allowed that runs counter to the LGBTQ agenda at a British university, even if it would help people.
  • Can Men And Women Compete Athletically? Here’s What The Science Says (Daily Wire). Look at the actual scientific evidence that men and women are too biologically different to compete on a level playing field. Big Science and Big Media gloss over these facts in their rush to endorse the transgender revolution.
  • How Democrats and their media orchestrated 2020 defeat of Trump (WND). Mark Hemingway of Real Clear Investigations quotes sources to build a case that defeating Trump was a coordinated effort by leftist institutions.
  • When Time magazine came close to admitting election fraud (WND). Joseph Farrah recounts how Time Magazine, in its Feb 4th issue, came just shy of admitting fraud and conspiracy behind efforts to prevent Trump’s re-election. The article, which actually used the word “conspiracy” in the context of a coordinated plan to “save” the election from Trump, is written in celebratory terms as if the plot was a good thing.
  • Network pulls plug on major Christian ministry for carrying Christian message (WND). Lifetime TV has cancelled D. James Kennedy ministries, this article reports, because the hosting platform did not like its views on abortion or its documentary about billionaire leftist George Soros.
  • Cable TV now axing Christian programs – like mine (WND). Frank Wright, PhD, wonders why leftists are so afraid of the free marketplace of ideas that they feel obligated to silence other views. Lifetime apparently canceled Wright’s “Truths that Transform” because of its exposé of Planned Parenthood.
  • Mailchimp Blacklists Conservative Groups (Breitbart). The popular newsletter platform MailChimp is joining cancel culture, promising to blacklist any group it considers to be “spreading harmful misinformation.” Apparently MailChimp arrogates to itself the right to define ‘harmful’ and ‘misinformation.’ One example that shows they define it as conservatism is mentioned in the article: “The company had previously blacklisted the Women for America First group when it organized its March for Trump.”

There must be conservatives who are Darwinists, and liberals who are Darwin skeptics, but their silence in the media is telling. As outliers, they simply don’t register. Big Science and Big Media are determined to present a 100% secular, atheistic picture of both science and politics that is never questioned.

Someone noted that authoritarianism dictates what truths you cannot believe, but totalitarianism dictates what lies you must believe. With cancel culture accelerating, it seems the transition to the latter is picking up steam. Readers might want to check out a book review of 1984, George Orwell’s dark vision of a totalitarian world that rewrites history and sends unapproved facts down the memory hole. Listen to it at Prager U Book Club.

The day could come where internet service providers also join the cancel culture movement, deciding what subjects can and cannot be shared on the internet using their web hosting services. Since creationism is highly unpopular in the secular world, it is conceivable that the plug could be pulled on CEH for its audacity to doubt the Darwin consensus, and we may have to scramble to find alternative outlets.

I know well the experience of a totalitarian culture from my days at JPL. There were Christians and creationists at JPL, but they were secretive and quiet, meeting in little Bible study groups on campus. The JPL newsletter would not announce those groups, but the lab gave the atheists, LGBTQ groups and Darwinists complete endorsement and encouragement. I did what I could to encourage believers using films on intelligent design; these were well received, but when I tried sharing DVDs on intelligent design with coworkers, that was too much. I was harassed, demoted and eventually fired. See Bergman’s book Censoring the Darwin Skeptics, ch. 17 for the full story.

Unless the outcry against canceling is strong enough to hit the bottom line of Big Tech companies, dark days of authoritarianism and totalitarianism will rush in, and lies from the powerful will shout down free speech worldwide or shut it down altogether. One cannot tell lies forever; the truth about reality will be rediscovered and will catch sunlight eventually. But darkness can last for a long time: decades, even centuries. We must not let the darkness fall on our watch.



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