Inadequacies of Darwin’s Theory Exposed

For a scientist who has been celebrated all year by many as the greatest thinker in history, Darwin left behind a lot of gaps.  If his theory of common ancestry by descent with modification is so well substantiated, as the scientific community claims, why are there continual attempts to fill gaps with other notions?   […]

When Is Design Just Natural?

Some recent stories provide exercises in differentiating intelligently-caused designs from complex patterns that can arise from natural law.  Here are some examples of designs in science reports; the commentary will discuss criteria for deciding which arise spontaneously without purpose and intent. Saturn hexagon:  The north pole of Saturn shows an odd hexagon-shaped pattern in the […]

Hometown of Jesus Was Real

A first-century house has been excavated in Nazareth, the town where Jesus grew up.  The Israeli Antiquities Authority announced the discovery today; see also Associated Press for information and pictures.  This is the first dwelling established from the early Roman period that encompasses the life of Christ.     Professor Todd Bolen at Bible Places […]

Cave Dates and Climate Estimates May Be Off

The steady drip, drip, drip of water from stalactites should provide a way to calculate the age of cave formations, right?  Don’t be too sure.  A scientist at Florida State found that calcite deposition is a function of how the cave “breathes,” reported New Scientist.  This finding “pours doubt on ancient climate records derived from […]

Darwin Was Wrong About Geology

Field geologists have revisited a site Darwin visited on the voyage of the Beagle, and found that he incorrectly interpreted what he found.  A large field of erratic boulders in Tierra del Fuego that have become known as “Darwin’s Boulders” were deposited by a completely different process than he thought.  The modern team, publishing in […]

Last of the Darwin Celebrations

On the 24th of November 1859, 150 years ago today, Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection and the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life sold out.  Biographer Janet Browne (03/07/2009) explained in the bonus features of the film The Voyage that Shook the World (see Resource of the Week […]

Leaping to Evolutionary Conclusions

In classical science, researchers were reluctant to announce bold conclusions without sufficient data.  These days, it seems that science reporters are quick to announce sweeping conclusions that go far beyond the evidence – especially if they appear to support some sort of evolution. Planet magic crystal:  Where to find intelligent life?  Look for stars depleted […]

Ferocity of Geological Change Stuns Scientists

A crack in Ethiopia 500 meters long took just days to form.  New Scientist reported about a team of scientists who used seismic sensors to reconstruct the event.  “They found that a 60-kilometre-long, 8-metre-wide dike of solidified magma formed in the rift, causing the crack, in a matter of days.”  They believe the crack will […]

Weekend News Nuggets

Here are a dozen notable news reports from the past week bearing on evolution, design and amazing discoveries. Red rover, rat rover:  Live Science posted a cool video about research lab at Northwestern University that is imitating rats’ whiskers to improve robot sensing.  Rat whiskers are very sensitive.  Neurons in the base of the follicle […]

Everything You Know About Natural Selection Is Wrong

It’s called “a fresh theoretical framework” but it undermines the popular conception of natural selection.  It’s called a “dense and deep work on the foundations of evolutionary biology” but it criticizes as simplistic and false the ideas of Richard Dawkins, one of the most outspoken proponents of natural selection as “the greatest show on earth.”  […]

Science: Knowing vs. Crowing

Every week, it seems, some new discovery casts doubt on common scientific knowledge.  News reports about embarrassing finds contrast sharply with confident claims about less observable things – like evolution. Mystery illness:  Science reported last week that the Veterans Administration has pulled the plug on research about “Gulf War Syndrome.”1  Why?  The suite of ailments […]

Useless Evolution

Most people think of evolution producing useful traits.  But isn’t it also supposed to get rid of useless ones?  Science Daily reported work by researchers trying to figure that out.     The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, North Carolina sponsored a team seeking to explore the removal of useless traits by natural selection […]

Fertile Crescent Disappearing

The birthplace of civilization and empire, the Fertile Crescent, is drying up.  New Scientist posted a worrisome story that modern Iraq is in dire straits as dams upstream in Turkey are threatening to reduce the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to a quarter of their natural levels.  This is happening in a land already parched by […]

Weekend Roundup

Here’s a quick collection of recent news articles bearing on questions of origins, morals, fossils, outer space, science, health and Darwin. Mars risks:  The dust on Mars may be toxic to humans.  New Scientist reported that evidence from the rovers shows the electrically-charged dust clinging to everything.  “If the dust is toxic and you bring […]

Divining Plant Evolution from Uncooperative Data

A new book on plant evolution came out.  How well does it do explaining the diversity of the world’s plants via Darwin’s theory of natural selection?  The answer depends on how forgiving you can be with details that don’t fit very well.     The book is Paleobotany The Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants. […]
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