June 26, 2013 | David F. Coppedge

Science News Sites Promote Leftist Ideology

Celebrating gay marriage is not the only leftist position frequently advocated by secular science news sites.  They follow party-line liberal views with few exceptions, and now openly advocate leftist ideas.

Advocating gay marriage:  One might well ask what astronomy and space travel have to do with gay marriage.  Space.com found a way: “Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings Hailed by NASA Deputy Chief,” Clara Moskowitz wrote glowingly, quoting only liberals who think it’s wonderful.  In an astonishing twist of logic, a Live Science article claimed that the Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage will be good for kids – as good if not better than traditional marriage, some pediatricians allege.  No conservative spokesperson was sought for a little balance in reporting.

Advocating climate change policy:  One might also well ask what astronomy and space travel have to do with climate change.  Another Space.com headline by another reporter reads, “NASA Chief Lauds Obama’s Climate Change Plan.”  Again, the significant percentage of conservative Americans who disagree with that plan didn’t get any mention.  Without a pretense of objectivity, National Geographic published naked ideological advocacy: “Five reasons for Obama to sell climate change as a health issue.”

Crazy talkPhysOrg unabashedly gave positive press to a book that portrays tea-party conservatives as paranoid reactionaries.  Headline: “The tea party and the politics of paranoia.”  No conservative was given a chance to respond.

Naked apingScience Magazine published a letter, “The Human Animal,” that advocated treating humans no different from denizens of the zoo.  The author, Kim Quillin, established the link between Darwinism and ideology: “the ‘humans and animals’ paradigm undermines the unifying concept of all biology—evolution.”  Along with evolutionary common ancestry with animals (rating top on Kim’s issues), she displayed her predilection for evolutionary indoctrination in schools and for “sustainability,” leftist code for UN-style intervention in private property rights.

NudgingNew Scientist gave very good press to the views of leftist Obama aide Cass Sunstein, who believes government needs to “nudge” people toward prescribed views and actions.  Knowing full will this is a tactic of manipulation, not debate, New Scientist termed it “The gentle science of good governance” (at least to the nudgers, not the nudged).  Conservative Glen Beck often points out, from historical examples, that what starts as “nudge” often becomes “shove.”


Despite these attacks from the left, religious conservatives may have the last laugh.  At least Science Daily reported results of a survey that showed, “Christians Tweet More Happily, Less Analytically Than Atheists.

Why would “science” (a word connoting the search for knowledge, using impartial, objective procedures), say such things?  It’s because institutional science, like academia, law, labor, the media and Hollywood, has been co-opted by the left.  Over the last decade we have seen science news sites becoming more bold.  Now they don’t even pretend to be objective.

Radio host and author Dennis Prager often points out how leftists base their views on feeling, not logic.  For instance, in the history of civilization, no one ever considered same-sex coupling “marriage,” yet in the last 17 years since Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act with a large bipartisan majority in Congress, we are now being told that gay marriage is a civil right, just because two people love each other. Logically, that is indefensible.  What prevents siblings or polygamists from using the very same arguments?  Leftism is built on euphemistic slogans, like “marriage equality,” “gay rights,” “reproductive health” and “climate change” — phrases that blow fog and stimulate emotion, not understanding.

Prager points out in his books and radio shows how leftists manipulate and promote their ideology with hate speech, intolerance, illogic, feelings, and judicial activism.  There is no parity, because, whereas conservatives argue that leftist positions are illogical, leftists believe conservatives are evil and must be stopped.

At CEH, we point out how leftist positions are built squarely on Darwinian principles — the belief that humans are mere animals, with no accountability to their Creator.  Rejection of God as Creator comes first; now we see our society slipping down the slope described by the Apostle Paul in Romans 1.  Long ago he warned that difficult times will come (II Tim 3:1-9). Paul added the comforting thought that for those “always learning, yet never able to come to the knowledge of the truth,” their “folly would become evident to all.”  You can hasten that by holding up the logic and facts that contradict their feeling-based arguments of the left.

But remember, the left is intolerant despite their claims to tolerance.  They hate being shown up for their own hypocrisy.  If they continue to co-opt the institutions of power through our negligence, persecution may well be around the corner.  Get ready, but don’t let it stop you.  Speak the truth boldly.  It’s tough, but it’s love.


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