September 19, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Archer Fish Stars in New Movie

Illustra Media has just released a short documentary about
an underwater sharpshooter: the Archer Fish!


Released Sunday Sept 18th, this 8-minute video in Illustra Media’s “Awesome Wonders” series needs no introduction. You already know that anything from Illustra will exceed expectations.

Watch now, right here, their latest short film: Sharpshooter. Go full screen if you can.

It’s likely that few biologists know as much about this amazing fish as Illustra’s producers assembled into an 8-minute presentation.

As usual, we embed the video here as a teaser. Explore dozens of excellent short films at The John 10:10 Project, where you can sign up for information, view all kinds of excellent films like this one, and (if you want to help them continue), donate to support their work.

If you want to share this little gem of science and art, give the link to the source site: Sharpshooter.

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