July 31, 2021 | David F. Coppedge

Big Science Demands the Trust It Isn’t Getting

Don’t ask questions. Submit, or you will be mocked as a science denier.
You may be censored. We, the propaganda arm of the Left, are the experts.


What do the following news articles have in common? Before reading, take into account three facts: (1) The Biden administration is pushing for every American citizen to get vaccinated, even young children, those who have had Covid-19, and those at risk of bad reactions due to underlying medical conditions such as allergies. It is moving toward vaccine passports. It is endorsing business and schools requiring vaccination to employees and students. (2) The Biden administration is turning a blind eye to thousands of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican border into the US, a substantial number of whom have Covid-19, and is giving them free plane or bus rides to America cities without notifying the officials there. (3) The CDC just announced that it cannot be certain that the vaccines in production are effective against the new Delta variant. For the past year, the CDC has sent mixed messages about the efficacy of vaccines and masks, has given the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) a pass on the lab leak theory, and has tried to undermine everything President Trump has said about the pandemic. Vaccines were questioned by Democrats (e.g., Biden, Harris, Pelosi) when Trump was president, but now they should be mandatory – even though it was Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that produced them.

Note: sites like Phys.org and Medical Xpress do not make news; they merely amalgamate stories from academia and scientific institutions. The sources are usually indicated within the articles.

How to persuade the unvaccinated (Phys.org). “Public health messaging should be sensitive to the roots of U.S. vaccine resistance, said Blendon. Polls show that unvaccinated Americans share a deep distrust of the medical establishment, and that they are not worried about the disease.” The solution is to tell scary stories about what has happened to the unvaccinated.

What’s behind people’s hesitancy towards vaccination? (Medical Xpress). Those guilty of vaccine hesitancy are no doubt exercising “confirmation bias” of their views. No mention whether this happens in Big Science too.

Flawed scientific papers fueling COVID-19 misinformation (Medical Xpress). “Scientific studies with poor methodology and inaccurate findings are exacerbating a COVID-19 misinformation crisis that is discouraging vaccination and putting lives at risk.” Who gets to define misinformation? Who decides what is flawed or inaccurate? Remember the Lancet debacle? (4 June 2020)

Reluctant to be vaccinated for COVID-19? Here are six myths you can put to rest (Medical Xpress). Some of the myths in this article really are nutty or unfounded. But who decides what is a myth?

What psychology says about COVID non-compliers (University of Sydney). Basically, they’re crackpots who need psychological help. “They’re less open to new ideas, and more extroverted and driven by self-interests.”

Compulsory jabs: Pressure grows on anti-vaxxers (Medical Xpress). “A growing number of countries and territories around the world are forcing people, often in specific sectors, to be vaccinated against COVID-19.” There is no indication this violates individual liberty. It runs contrary to the maxim, “My body, my choice.”

Vaccine hesitancy linked to previous experiences of discrimination in healthcare staff (Medical Xpress). To get ethnic minorities to take the vaccine, public health workers need to help them overcome their previous fears of discrimination.

Socioeconomic privilege and political ideology are associated with racial disparity in COVID-19 vaccination (PNAS). “Vaccine uptake is critical for mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in the United States, but structural inequities pose a serious threat to progress.” Of course; to progressive Big Science, it’s about progress. What is one measure of anti-progress? “vote share for the Republican party in the 2020 presidential election.

Want to vaccinate more Americans? Get top Republicans to endorse vaccines (Medical Xpress). This is not about listening to the concerns of Republicans about vaccines. It’s about manipulating the influencers to get more public cooperation with the Biden administration push for universal vaccination.

Nursing home staff closest to patients are least likely to get COVID vaccines (Medical Xpress). Nursing home staff constitute an overlooked group who have “vaccine hesitancy.”

What’s behind people’s hesitancy towards vaccination? (Medical Xpress). Polish scientists try to psychoanalyze “vaccine deniers” with the goal of getting better cooperation from them to take the vaccine.

Here’s why the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors even if you’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (The Conversation). Peter Chin-Hong rationalizes the unpopular mask mandate but does not dispute it. The heroes are the CDC and Joe Biden.

New CDC guidelines set off rush to reimpose mask mandates (Medical Xpress). The article gives sample reactions to another mask mandate without comment, but gives the concluding edge to the pro-maskers.

Wearing a mask: For yourself or for others? (Medical Xpress). This article seeks to psychoanalyze the motivations of old and young for resisting masks, in hopes of persuading them with reasons relevant to them. It says nothing about mask harm, especially to children.

EXPLAINER: Why masks are again advised for everyone indoors (Medical Xpress). The title of “explainer” is awarded to the one supporting the CDC mask policy. Nothing is stated about the downside of wearing masks.

Which voices led medical misinformation in the early stages of COVID? (Medical Xpress). President Trump is mentioned by name as a spreader of falsehoods, but nothing is said about Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden or Democrats.

QUIZ Time: What do all the articles listed above have in common?

ANSWER: The are all authoritarian. They are elitist. They are totalitarian. Information flows down from experts to peasants. No questions allowed. The only concern is how to get the peasants to submit, because many of them are wallowing in “misinformation.”

Other odors emanate from these articles:

  • All of them support the Democrat party and its policies.
  • Wherever Republicans or conservatives are mentioned, they are put in a bad light.
  • Lies and blunders from leftists and Democrats are rarely mentioned. When they are, their shifting policies are excused.
  • None of them show any concern about the flood of Covid-infected aliens being allowed into the country.
  • No legitimate conservative sources are ever consulted. It is all from Big Science and academia.
  • There is only one right position. The question is how to get everyone to agree with the consensus.
  • Each one justifies restrictions on individual liberty on the grounds of science.
  • Non-vaccine options, like therapeutics, are mentioned only to debunk them, especially if President Trump spoke favorably of them.
  • President Biden (Democrat) can do no wrong.
  • None of them accuse the Chinese for covering up data and starting the pandemic.
  • None of them mention the overt censorship of non-consensus views on Big Tech.

And yet there are many credible sources outside the Big Science/Big Media/Big Tech industrial complex and echo chamber that have something to say. Senator Rand Paul—a medical doctor—said of the mask mandate, “It Makes No Sense, and the Science Doesn’t Support It” (Breitbart News). The Daily Wire said Thursday, “‘No One Knows Anything’: Experts Ask CDC To Release Data On Revised Mask Mandates.” These are voices wanting to follow the science, and demanding evidence for decisions being made by the powerful elitists in the CDC, WHO and the Democrat Party – decisions that lead Democrat governors and mayors to impose lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine requirements that can make life miserable for businesses and citizens.

Numerous conservative websites and TV stations have brought up serious objections to universal vaccination and mask mandates, but they never get a hearing in the major media. Fox News routinely hosts epidemiologists, doctors and policy makers who disagree with the leftist Democrats. So does Epoch TV, Newsmax, OAN, and other conservative shows. Tucker Carlson interviewed Alex Berenson on July 30. He has followed the shifting CDC advice for over a year, and has never said anything apart from official sources, but has been banned repeatedly by Twitter for sharing non-consensus viewpoints, even when he quoted the CDC’s own documents. The only place he can escape censorship is on SubStack where he writes now. Conservatives readily quote liberal Democrats, but where is any Big Science acknowledgement that conservatives exist or have a valid position about anything?

Listen to this guy on Twitter who has had enough of the Left’s totalitarians. For now, the leftists are trying gentle nudging to get compliance. But given their bias and willingness to censor others, there’s little to stop them from using force.

The dead walk again, teaching students myths.

How trustworthy is Big Science? Listen to May Berenbaum, the new editor-in-chief of PNAS (one of the most prestigious science journals in the world). Today she wrote about the problem of “zombie science” —

When I signed on as Editor-in-Chief of PNAS, I had no idea that killing zombies would be part of the job. These zombies aren’t the spirits of Haitian mythology doomed to roam the earth in thrall to sorcerers and shamans or the brain-eating undead of contemporary movie and television fame. Rather, in scientific publishing, the phrase “zombie literature” refers to papers, deemed invalid for any number of scientific reasons, that are retracted by the journals that published them yet continue to be cited without any apparent acknowledgment of their lack of validity.

She goes on to mention other problems, like the ghost of eugenics. It’s worth quoting her on this topic as a reminder of how Big Science houses “slumbering monsters” as well as “Sleeping Beauties” —

Although a gifted mathematician and statistician, [Karl] Pearson was among a coterie of eugenicists dedicated to twisting science to demonstrate the inherent superiority of the White race and the value of maintaining racial purity. He founded a journal, Annals of Eugenics, at least in part to further that objective. In its inaugural issue, in 1925, Pearson and coauthor Margaret Moul published a two-part treatise on “The problem of alien immigration into Great Britain, illustrated by an examination of Russian and Polish Jewish Children,” the “purport” of which was “to discuss whether it is desirable in an already crowded country like Great Britain to permit indiscriminate immigration”, and the conclusion of which was that these particular alien immigrants “will develop into a parasitic race”.

An embarrassing history indeed, but true. Berenbaum quickly changes her focus to some of Pearson’s contemporary critics, but fails to mention that eugenics was a strong consensus — so much so, that the American Museum of Natural History hosted a prominent exhibit about it. Evolution News has been reminding its readers about the “consensus science” that justified putting a black man in a zoo and committing genocides against ethnic African and Tasmanian tribes.

Remember that consensus science gave the USSR and China the disastrous famines caused by Trofim Lysenko. Consensus science gave Germany the Holocaust (Evolution News). Did the totalitarians in those catastrophes ever apologize or admit wrong?

None of this commentary makes light of current events, like the Delta variant of the coronavirus that is spreading fast (see Daily Wire warning). None of it downplays the efficacy of the vaccine or the existence of misguided claims about it (see World Magazine Q&A by Charles Horton M.D.). However, questions should be asked about the risk of hospitalization and death from the vaccinated and those who have had Covid-19, and what the best policies are to control the pandemic going forward, compared to policies about other diseases like the flu and colds. Inside Big Science, though, debate is not allowed. Information only flows from the leftist consensus down to the peasants. Everyone else is a science denier.

Big Science is losing trust fast. The last year has displayed major flip-flops on how to handle the pandemic. The same Big Science bigots are now trotting down the road of leftists who are taking anti-science, illogical positions, like:

    • Men can become pregnant.
    • Gender is fluid.
    • Math is racist.
    • You are determined by the color of your skin.
    • Skin color and ethnicity is more important than character and competence.

Big Science has also long believed:

    • Though improbable to a ridiculous extreme, life emerged by chance.
    • The human mind is a product of the Stuff Happens Law.
    • 96% of the universe is stuff we can’t see and know nothing about.
    • Nothing banged and became everything.
    • If water exists on an otherwise inhospitable planet, there must be life there.
    • Evolution explains the Cambrian Explosion and extreme stasis.
    • “It evolved” is a sufficient explanation for anything.
    • Lying is justifiable in the name of science.
    • Killing human babies in the womb to run experiments on their body parts is OK.
    • Making human-animal hybrids can be useful.
    • Science is truth. Don’t be misled by facts.
    • Life has no purpose.
    • Free will is an illusion.
    • Justice is merely a social convention, an evolutionary game.

Big Science could show some humility and be more willing to listen. But it is taking the opposite stance. Those who do not go along with the consensus must be punished. Submit, or off to re-education camp you go!

Totalitarianism usually does not end well. It should have no place in real science.

Humpty Darwin sits on a wall of foam bricks held together by decayed mortar. Cartoon by Brett Miller commissioned for CEH. All rights reserved.






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