2023 in Review

Thanks to all who have supported CEH. Here are highlights from 2023. Reporting will resume on Jan. 2.

CEH Editor Finds Evidence for Rare Rock-Nesting Bees

On a hike in Arizona, he documented a rare bee's nest site in sandstone.

Archive: Fruit Fly in Flight Simulator

Here are more stories from 20 years ago at Creation-Evolution Headlines, Dec. 2003.

Spotted and Striped: Why Many Animals Have Elaborate Patterns

Evolutionists are at a loss to explain the patterns that adorn many diverse animals.

Illustra Highlights a Monarch Wonder

Learn about butterflies that live long and fly thousands of miles to an exact spot they have never seen.

Savory Stories About Salt

What do these articles have in common? Sodium chloride, a common substance with wide application.

Archive: Masters of Venom—Cone Snails

This CEH article from 20 years ago is reproduced for our readers' contemplation and fascination.

Darwin’s Airplane Made Itself

Article on insect flight ignores requirements and grants superpowers to evolution.

See Intelligent Design in a Heartbeat

A heart starts beating in a coordinated flash like a marching band begins.

Honeybee Engineering Showcased

Illustra's new short film reveals the ability of honeybees to make superb architecture.

Can Darwinism Explain Aging and Lifespan?

Evolutionists struggle to explain both reproductive longevity and life longevity.

Natural Selection Is Darwin’s Genie

To understand natural selection, one needs to watch how its believers use it: as a magic genie.

Good Science Still Flourishing Without Darwinism

Take heart at the good things that are coming from Darwin-free research, especially findings that improve our lives.

Purify Science by Kicking Darwin Out

Science writers would do well to apply a Darwin Filter before putting pen to paper.

Gullibility of Scientists Shown by Rip Van Winkle Roundworm

What is it about belief in old ages that makes smart scientists lose common sense?
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